Society and Culture of India

The gigantic size of India has earned it the title of a subcontinent. The diverse topography of the country is synchronized with the awesome variations in art, religion, language, customs and cuisine.

Information on India - Society and Culture As diversity is an essential ingredient of the Indian social fabric, there can be no uniformity in Indian society. Regional diversifications are so apparent in India. The traditions and customs followed in North India are astonishingly different from those in other parts of India.

This cultural diversity is most alluring to the visitors who travel to India. But what is more surprising is the unity amidst such diversity.

Rich in culture and art, India was the attraction of many tribes, invaders and rulers. You can find the impact of other cultures on Indian culture. India has assimilated the cultures of invaders and visitors and created a unique synthesis of cultures. All the major religions of the world find expression in India, where people of different faiths live together in amity and celebrate each other's festivals.

India's society and culture are undergoing rapid changes. While urban India becomes more cosmopolitan, rural India is also undergoing social change. India has a large young population and a growing economy that has drawn the attention of the world. While India rapidly modernizes, Indian society still retains many aspects of its traditional culture, which provide stability and continuity in a changing world.